Functional Mushroom Products

Our mushroom-based oils can help whether you’re trying to focus or recover. We take the ancient power and wisdom of mushrooms and use modern techniques and science to extract that goodness and bundle it up in handy little bottles of tincture bursting with potent active compounds. Simply squeeze one serving under your tongue twice a day and let the mushrooms do their thing!
Breakfast of Champignons makes a great start to the day when you want to get into the zone and focus. It harnesses the power of Lion’s Mane mushroom, which studies suggest may support brain health, boost focus, and improve mood.
Shroomzzz is your mushroom nightcap which can help with rest, sleep and recovery. It uses the same Reishi mushrooms which have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and found to boost the nervous and immune systems, aiding recovery.
Non GMO 
Gluten Free