About Exhale Nutrition's Founder

Ryan Costello


As a mobility and breath coach, NHS exercise referral expert and former athlete he has helped countless people make positive changes to their lives.

He began to implement, to his own training, some simple nutrition changes and daily therapeutic practices. The results were amazing!  This led him to heavy research, and then to become an industry expert on how people are using Mushrooms & CBD products specially to help with better sleep and recovery. Usually supplemented through good diet and combined with daily disciplines to perform at higher levels. 


Inspired by what he discovered, and what he witnessed first-hand through competition, He became a CBD advocate and set out on a mission to educate people about the potential benefits of legal cannabidiol products.

He is a British Kick Boxing Champion and World Gold Medalist in Thai Boxing (Italy 2016 World Championships) He has also trained with the Royal Marines. 

The Exhale range is the culmination of his journey and knowledge and aims to offer the best natural products and solutions studied on the market to help you live, perform, and peak better. 


“I believe there should be affordable natural nutrition easily available that boosts vitality and can help people substantially improve their lives, we take an ethical and responsible approach to developing products to support and enable this transformation.”

Ryan Costello
Founder – Exhale Nutrition