1. How to place orders ?

    Online - By adding to trolley and selecting amount. Continue to our checkout page and you will be notified once payment is complete. If you are one of our partners choose to enter referral code. 

    Physical Stockists can be found at www.exhalenutrition.com

  2. What payment options are accepted?

    The Payment Pages used at Exhale Nutrition are secure and you can safely enter your card details to pay for your order. We accept the following methods of payment: Mastercard, VISA, VISA Debit, VISA Electron, Maestro, American Express (AMEX)

    Please select the desired payment option and proceed to the next page where you will enter the card details. Based on the type of card you are using for payment, you may then be asked to enter further details to enhance the security of the transaction. This request of information comes direct from your card issuer and relates to a password that identifies you as the authorised user of the card.

    All credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorisation by both us and the card issuer, to maintain security and prevent fraud. Internet Fraud is Illegal and perpetrators will be prosecuted in all cases.

  3. What is the delivery time?

    Using our Standard UK Delivery, your order should be with you in four (4) to five (5) working days (excludes Weekends and Public/Bank Holidays). Members can also arrange collection in person.

  4. Is there a limit to how many products I can buy ?
    If you are buying large quantities of one particular product or we are down to the last few units You may receive a request to lower your quantities for a product that exceeds our stock level and we will notify you once it is available.
  5. Can I return it if there’s nothing wrong with it?

    Absolutely! We offer a 30 day returns guarantee on most items. You can bring back Or if you got it delivered email [email protected] with your order number in body of message and your reason and in the subject body enter refund. It may take 7-10 days for your bank to process the money.

    We’ll either refund the cash onto the original payment method or offer you an exchange.

  6. Will I get high from CBD ?

    CBD is simply a non-intoxicating component which has enormous potential. Your state of mind.will not change if you take CBD at all. Although it can make changes in the body- this isn’t one of them.

    The way we extract CBD allows us to pull all of the natural and beneficial nutrients out of the cannabis plant isolating what components we want to use leaving natural and safe product.

  7. Is CBD legal ?

    CBD is legal, because hemp is legal in the UK. Hemp is a plant that is safe, natural, and non-toxic. It can be used for almost anything. There need not to be any grey areas when it comes to CBD.

    When it comes to cannabis, however, it is still illegal to use it or possess it. Maybe this is why people tend to get confused. Cannabidiol (CBD) though, is not considered a controlled substance in the UK. It is therefore 100% legal and can be freely distributed in the UK without restrictions.

    If you want to use CBD products it is TOTALLY legal to do so.

  8. Can children take CBD ?

    Since CBD cannabinoids naturally occur in the body they therefore naturally work with the endocannabinoid system to control communication between cells and mediate body function.

    CBD is non-psychoactive so your child will categorically not get high from using it. Exhale Nutrition and their suppliers products are oil extracted and prove to have no negative effects at all. In fact, many people report amazing improvements to their general health both mentally and physically after using.

    Without children, CBD might never have received as much investigation and study as it has. By providing such a unique nutritional content, CBD hemp oil earns a place among other favourite daily vitamins and supplements to give to your family each day.

  9. How much CBD will I need daily ?

    Each person’s endocannabinoid system works differently and reacts differently with each person body. There is no straight, solid scientific information that states how much CBD you should be taking at any one time, always start off with a small dose and work your way up.

    Height and weight play a part as well as the quality of the CBD oil. If you are bigger or taller than the average person you may need more and visa versa. Also, if you have smoked cannabis in the past you may feel like you need more.

    Either way we advise you do not go over the daily dosage recommendation of 200mg.

  10. Can I take CBD with other medication ?

    When it comes to taking CBD with other medications, we only ever advise one thing- if you are unsure, check with a medical professional before using it as it can, on occasion, interact with other medicines.

    Always stick to the recommended dose too and if you are taking other meds keep a two hour window between taking CBD and whatever else you take.

  11. Can CBD help with my illness ?

    Unfortunately, we cannot give out advice on using cannabis oil for anything medical related. We sell our CBD products as food supplements to help support and maintain a healthy body and mind and it’s always important to do your own thorough research-depending on what you are using CBD for, before trying it out.

    With that said, you do not have to be ‘ill’ to use CBD it is for everyone no matter how healthy you may be. It provides a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, protein and it’s organically grown too.

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while incorporating CBD into your routine is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from all forms of illness.
    Regardless of your age, CBD has dozens of wellness benefits. Many of us realise the important of “balance” in our daily lives. Balancing work and play is a critical part of our physical and mental health. Using CBD as a daily supplement is a great way to support your bodies Endocannabinoid system and keep it in balance so why not use it as a preventative!

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