Natural Hemp Wellbeing, Performance and Professional Range

All of our natural hemp oIls use the safest and highest-grade biomass on the market. They come in three blends to help you live, perform, or peak. We use single-origin plants from farms we have spent years developing relationships with. The plants are grown without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Our oils are extracted using critical Co2 gas extraction, the cleanest and safest method for producing natural oils.
Wellbeing oils are the ones you want if you want to relax and sleep better. They come in peppermint or natural flavours and are perfect for that stressful day or to use before a yoga class. 
Performance oils are the culmination of our extensive sports knowledge and hemp know-how. They are designed to help active users recover and perform at their best. They come in a tasty orange and turmeric flavour.
Professional oils have been formulated with professional athletes in mind and feature isolates mixed with terpenes for safe use in sports. These oils meet the criteria set by various sporting bodies and are berry flavoured.
Non GMO 
Gluten Free